The Communication Department of the Centre of New Technologies of Pico Sacro, T.P.S, is pleased to present from Galicia, Spain, the vanguard sound project Aquofono.

The Aquofono is an innovative percussion instrument, and a portable sound sculpture, activated by means of an adjustable dripping mechanism. Through this ‘game’ of controlled randomness, the musical rain generated emulates the richness of natural polyrhythm, which is then utilized to improvise and create, in real time, a whole series of unique, ephemeral and unrepeatable sound fantasies.

The duo Parto, born in 1999, and wholly devoted to the study of improvised music, has designed and continues to develop the amazing possibilities of this comprehensive artistic project – the origin of which is to be found in pioneer recordings of controlled sound experiments performed with rain around 2001.

After its birth and development in 2003, the Aquofono has been present at different events related mainly to water experimentation and other contemporary new technologies, and has received a warm and emphatic response from audiences everywhere. In 2011 our desire is to share the experience of this project with a wider audience.

Nowadays, the Aquofono can be programmed in two different formats: a concert of relaxing music called ‘Sonata del Sueño’ or Dream Concert, and a multimedia installation called ‘The Sound of Water’, presented as an interactive display for all ages.

Video: Water: meaning & significant

The aquófono as a concert of chill music. ‘Sonata del Sueño’

The aquófono as a multimedia installation. ‘The Sound of Water’

Video: Nautilus. Pieza Hirajoshi para Vibráfono. Interactive Exhibition, Aquarium Finisterrae, A Coruña, Spain 2008